An Indie Film’s Role in Hollywood

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Independent films are staking their claim in Hollywood, but what does it mean for the industry?

Clayton Board of Health, Southern Regional Hospital, and UGA Try To Bring Federal Money to Health Care

March 28, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Health care costs can be crippling to families, especially if they do not have insurance.  Many families in Clayton County find themselves deferring primary care for a variety of reasons, whether to save money or because they lack the adequate coverage for regular visits. Because of this dynamic, Southern Regional Health System and other hospitals […]

Georgia Aquarium: Where the Ocean comes Alive

March 27, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Georgia Days visits the world’s largest aquarium right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Athens Music Weekly

Our lineup for this weekend includes Misfortune 500, Hot New Mexicans and the March Metal Madness Fest (featuring Lazer/Wulf) at Tasty World. Check it out and see if any of the bands catch your interest.

Canopy Studio: A Community Takes Flight

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Bright orange walls surround an open space draped with fabrics and ropes, the music soft and the atmosphere welcoming. In the center of the room a group of women twirl slowly upside down, with legs that seem impossibly strong entwined in the rigging of the trapeze. They move deliberately through the air, bodies symmetric, almost […]

How to make an A

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Tips and tricks to help students make good grades in college-level classes

Italian professor brings Cinecittà to UGA with film series

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Say the words “Italian cinema” to a film major, and the first thing he’ll probably think of is the neorealist movement, which documented the struggles in Italy during and after World War II. Since then, however, Italians have been churning out films that tell of their culture, politics and way of life. Today, the university […]

Foreign Policy Under the Obama Administration

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University of Georgia’s School of Law held a discussion Thursday afternoon regarding the conduct of foreign policy under the Obama administration, focusing on President Obama’s goals and challenges he will face abroad.

Athens Music Weekly

Check out our lineup for this weekend! We have three local bands for you, including Chris McKay and The Critical Darlings, The Empties, and Doctor Squid.

Yerba Mate at Home and Abroad

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In South America, friendships form around a gourd of yerba mate. A typical drink of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, yerba mate (pronounced yerba mahtay) is similar to tea. The dried leaves and stems are steeped in hot water and shared communally out of a hollowed-out gourd. Although well-known for its health benefits, the true […]

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