Homeless Family Survives with Help from Stable Foundation

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  After nine hours of stocking shelves at the grocery store where he worked, Michael Smith rode the Athens city bus to the homeless shelter where his wife and five-year-old daughter lived.  It was a rainy spring, Michael said.  Water would run down the bus windows and dampen the wood chips around the picnic table […]

Think Libraries for Summer Fun

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Libraries provide unusual choices for family fun in the summer.

Health Risks with MySpace

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The Internet plays a major role in the lives of adolescents, and approximately half of them use online social networking Web sites such as MySpace. “One of the concerns about teenagers using social networking Web sites is the worry about them attracting unwanted attention,” said Dr. Megan Moreno, assistant professor of pediatric and adolescent medicine […]

Dealing with Mental Illness in a Rural Area

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MADISON COUNTY, Ga.– The depression she’s talking about is deeper than sadness, said Amanda Bass. “It’s hopelessness, helplessness,” she said. “It’s faithlessness. It’s not believing that you’ll ever get better.” Bass, 32, has bipolar disorder, a mental illness characterized by mood swings, ranging anywhere from severe depression to mania. Bass remembers struggling with the disorder […]

Nuçi’s Space: He Continues

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If you have ever ventured past the arch and onto Oconee Street, a small, bluish- purple building may have caught your eye. This vibrantly hued establishment, which stands out against its neighboring buildings, is Nuçi’s Space . What goes on inside is every bit as unique as the outside décor. Nuçi Phillips was a musician […]

“Dawg” Lovers Unite

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Lauren Miller, 21, did not necessarily have lofty goals in mind when she founded Forgotten Friends, an animal rights and protection organization at UGA. “It was just an idea I had and was curious to see how far I could take it.”

High School Students Learn the Key to College Admission

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Teens today learn to deal with the pressures of building a strong resume while maintaining a high GPA.

Immigrants struggle to fit in at U.S. high schools

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Teen immigrants face hardships such as social isolation and language barriers once they arrive in America.

Local teens no longer live a ‘life of luxury’ due to failing economy

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Georgia teens feel economic pinch in wallets, at school events.

Just a Coffee?

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Next time you take a sip of a Starbucks Frappuccino, you may be getting more than you bargained for… How many times have you opted for a frozen, refreshing Starbucks Frappuccino over a meal or snack on a hot day?  A coffee beverage has fewer calories than a sandwich or salad, right?  Wrong. A Starbucks […]

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