Traveling in Cambodia

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Is it the adventure of a lifetime? It may be the first great adventure, but it’s sure to set these students up for more. Professor John Greenman from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication has spent the month of May in Cambodia with 10 UGA students working on a travel […]

With knockoff, pirated and smuggled goods, you get what you pay for

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By Elliot Ambrose SIEM REAP, Cambodia – The movie starts to skip then freezes. I’m an hour into The Killing Fields, but now the DVD stops working. Tapping the side of the player and cleaning the disc doesn’t help. The picture on the screen remains frozen. Chances are it is because the disc is an […]

When it comes to small business loans, women are preferred

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By Brianna Randall SIEM REAP, Cambodia – About two minutes into a small village sits a house built of bamboo. A college-age loan officer named Lida Reach approaches the owner of a vegetable stand, a Khmer woman named Sopheaktra. In her hand is the weekly payment against her $250 loan, which she gives to Reach […]

Choosing to become a monk for religious – and practical – reasons

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By Elizabeth Wilson SIEM REAP, Cambodia –As we sat on his blue and green bamboo mat, I asked Huot Sothy why he became a Buddhist monk. “Because I wanted to learn,” he said. We are in Wat Rajabo, a Buddhist monastery here. Wearing his bright saffron robes, he fidgeted with a spool of red thread […]

Out of the jungle, a smile is born

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By Nicole Meadows SIEM REAP, Cambodia – An estimated 20,000 children and young adults here are born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. Sokcheata was one of those children. As the story is told here, she was taken into the woods by her parents, an ill mother and alcoholic father, and abandoned. They did […]

Helping a clean-water team in a rural village

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By Frances Micklow SIEM REAP, Cambodia – Our tuk-tuk stopped outside of a cluster of palm-leaf thatched, stilted houses that form the village of Kork Por. Motorbike exhaust mixed with the smell of animals and cooking. We broke off into our assigned groups and began a key step in the process of providing this village […]

Palm sugar: How sweet it is

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By Beth Pollak SIEM REAP, Cambodia – Chart Chean, the patriarch and primary palm juice collector for his rural Cambodian family, hiked up the red shorts under his green krama, whipping off the traditional scarf-skirt in the process. He strapped a thick woven belt around his waist, a sheath for his large knife. It was […]

Where fashion is same same, but different

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By Kema Hodge SIEM REAP, Cambodia – On my first Friday night here, I found myself in a frenzy of disco strobe lights, green laser lights, disco/techno music, and many people moving to the beat. What I noticed most – and which baffled me – was the clothes. It seemed as though everywhere I turned, […]

High population growth rates discourage education, foster poverty

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By Cindy J. Austin SIEM REAP, Cambodia – Plong Khom has nine children. If she were able, she says, she would have more. Khom lives in a typical provincial village here, where the population growth rate balloons. At 1.77 percent, Cambodia’s population growth rate is three times faster than neighboring Thailand and almost twice the […]

Among Siem Reap’s less godly inspirations

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By Colin Tom SIEM REAP, Cambodia – Most travelers come here for the “divine inspiration” of the Angkor temples. Others come for a different inspiration. Atop the temples, sculptures of topless women – called apsara – were meant to appease 12th century kings and gods. The same sculptures adorn the walls of downtown nightspots like […]

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