Sustainable Wash

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Eco Wash on Lexington Road in Athens, Ga., recycles all their water and uses earth friendly chemicals to reduce their impact on the planet. This business takes a common service and makes it more sustainable.

The MCG-UGA Medical Partnership

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What happens when a medical school opens a new campus within a major state university? What if that state university is the flagship institution for a state in desperate need of more medical professionals?

On the Path to Primary Care

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Breana Berry, a new medical student of MCG-UGA Medical Partnership, is talking about her career goal.

C-Sections in Brazil

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An MCG-UGA student explains C-Sections in Brazil.

Explaining Forensic Science

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Medical partnership professor explains how she teaches parts of forensic science to students in the classroom. In the second part, she discusses what happens when she arrives on the scene of a crime or unsolved mystery.

Primary Care Medicine vs. Specialized Medicine

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A medical student explains why more med students are willing to become specialists.

How We Learn

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Medical College of Georgia in Athens is taking a slightly different approach to preparing its future doctors by having its students learn more through tackling medical issues from the start of their first years. Here, three students of the MCG-UGA partnership talk about this learning style.

We’re People Too

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MCG-UGA students talk about how they’re more than medical students studying to be doctors. They also have other interests outside of the classroom.

Hammad Aslam, First Year Student at the MCG at UGA

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0 to 30 in 3 Years: Residencies at Athens Regional Medical Center

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With a new medical campus coming to Athens, GA, this fall, medical and surgical residencies will be a must at nearby Athens Regional Medical Center. Stephen Lucas, MD, Chief Medical Officer at this facility, discusses how and when that will happen.

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