Growing New Doctors

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How is the medical community in Athens, Ga., responding to the opening of a new medical campus? In this video, key doctors and others in the medical and university communities share their insights into what will happen over the next few years as medical students begin rotations at Athens Regional Medical Center and St. Mary’s […]

The First Semester of Medical School

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Four students talk about their first semester at MCG/UGA partnership.

Learning in a New Way

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First year students at the Athens campus are learning science and medicine in a new, integrated way.

Sunset Drive at a glance

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Sunset Drive is a neighborhood that is active, community-oriented, and friendly. This article gives you a glance at what the community is all about.

Kenney Ridge: An intentional community through the eyes of Chet Thomas and Gere Warrick

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Kenney Ridge is not your run-of-the-mill Athens subdivision. It’s all about nature.

Kenney Ridge Community: Back to the roots with Bill Kenney

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An 80-year-old farmhouse at Kenney Ridge predates the environmentally friendly neighborhood, and it has its own story to tell.

Family life enhanced by community-centered life in Kenney Ridge

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The family that saves the earth together… The StipMaas family credits conservation community Kenney Ridge with its close relationship to each other and the land.

Landmark Hospital – A hospitable hospital

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Landmark Hospital is a long-term acute care center located on Sunset Drive.

Intentional community sparks love for nature

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Note: this is one of a series of stories written about various Athens neighborhoods. They were called “the land girls,” — a band of pre-teens who grew up in Athens’ Kenney Ridge community free to roam the land as they pleased. Prairie, the 20-year-old daughter of Kenney Ridge founders Jim and Skippy StipeMass, recalls most […]

Organization in Carr’s Hill neighborhood helps those in need

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The economy may be bleak, but one Athens group is continuing a long tradition of helping those in need.

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