Private Citizen, Public Arts

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If there is an arts event in Athens, you can bet that she was involved in planning, participating  or hosting it. When Laura Nehf is not working as an attorney, who of course specializes in art-related law, she is working on behalf of  the Athens Area Arts Council. This year marks her third as president […]

Rural public transportation gives people access to medical facilities, but still has flaws

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by Chelsey Willis Walking the streets in Jackson County, Georgia, you will not see public buses or a metro railway system other than the typical yellow school bus or the railroad tracks that cross over the streets. These railroad tracks are used for shipping cargo, not people. Instead, you might see a 10-passenger van similar […]

Simple calculation helps identify children at risk now and in future

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by Chelsey Willis No visit to the pediatrician is complete unless the doctor checks the child’s eyes, ears, throat, pulse, and heartbeat. And, of course, the child’s  weight and height are measured and recorded.    Some doctors also check  blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar level to identify kids who already have hypertension or diabetes […]

Children Put on “Backburner” When It comes to Emergency Planning

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March marks the start of tornado season, and Hall County is infamous for twisters. Hall County ranks fourth in the nation for deadliest tornadoes, and Gainesville appears twice on the list of 25 deadliest ever, according to the NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center. If and when a tornado strikes local communities, emergency care for adults in […]

Ear Infection Before Two Needs Immediate Treatment

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Gainesville, GA—Few creatures are as miserable as a small child with a raging ear infection. Emily Bailey of Flowery Branch, has witnessed this five times since Bridget, her three-year-old daughter, was born. “A sick child is not a happy child,” Bailey said. “They are clingy and require lots more attention to comfort them through the […]

Proposed Title X Cuts Could Be “Tragic” for Women, Health Department, Taxpayers

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Gainesville, GA — The recent battle over federal funding for Planned Parenthood is still echoing here. The attempt by congressional Republicans to stop all $327 million of federal Title X money — while targeting Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider — endangered funding for women’s health services at clinics in Hall County, public health workers […]

Hidden Habersham

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Tucked into the foothills of the Georgia mountains lies Habersham County, renowned for apples, fly fishing and hospitality.

Fenders Diner

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by Sara Caldwell

By the Grace of God

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by Sarah Lundgren

Habersham Heroes

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by Natalie Leff

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