Contact Sports and Concussions: A Real Threat to Student Athletes

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  Athens, GA––For many athletes, summer means grueling pre-season training sessions in the sweltering heat. As such, legions of Georgia parents will enroll their children in football camps, hoping that one day their boy will become the next Matt Ryan or Aaron Murray. Unfortunately, there could be a steep price attached to seeing their child […]

From Athens, Georgia to Athens, Greece…And everywhere in between!

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine Traveling broadens horizons and cultivates new perspectives on the world. It provides the fuel for originality through experiencing new cultures, people and ideas. For the next five weeks I’ll be partaking on my own journey for originality […]

Sustainable farmers have feet in dirt, eyes on future

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From the road, Wakefield Farm’s pastures look  like most lining Highway 172 to Hartwell: brilliant green fields, studded with stands of trees  and dotted with cows. But in fact this 1500-acre cattle farm bears scant resemblance to most cattle operations in Georgia. Wakefield’s owner and manager want to raise and sell top-quality beef, but they […]

Addicted to antibiotics

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Keith Cunningham, a nurse practitioner in Lincolnton, Ga., knows that antibiotics are not effective for treating colds, runny noses or the flu. Many of his patients, however, don’t seem to understand this. If more patients knew this, they might not lobby so hard for antibiotic prescriptions that aren’t really going to help, and they might […]

Contraceptive Responsibility

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A new study confirms that attitudes towards who should be responsible for contraceptives and who is responsible for contraceptives differ greatly. “There is definitely a disconnect between who students thought should be responsible and then who ultimately was responsible for contraceptive responsibility in their relationship,” said Dr. Larissa R. Brunner Huber, Associate Professor of Epidemiology […]

Fields of dreams

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It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, 75 degrees with the occasional breeze, and a college student is teaching the basics of ultimate Frisbee to a toddler. The child starts to learn the concept of catching, but seems content to just run around with the disc. Nearby, a man lies in a hammock strategically positioned between trees […]

Dawgs training dogs

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It’s 7 a.m. Monday morning, and University of Georgia student Danielle Russell’s alarm has begun to buzz. As the sophomore animal science major opens her eyes, preparing to begin another week of classes, studying and working at UGA’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, she hears the clicking sound of little nails tapping on plastic. In the midst […]

John Isner’s trip to fame

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Before he won a record-setting 11- hour match, earning him an ESPY award for best record breaking performance, or found himself among the Top 20 tennis players in the world, he was a just like you and I – a Georgia Bulldog. Similarly, John Isner earned the right to walk through the famed Arch on […]

Using Mobile Apps for Health Could Result in Risks

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Text messaging, email, digital photography, GPS, web surfing… and health. When smart phones or tablets are used to make personal health decisions, manage medical care or transmit health information, they become part of a rapidly expanding field know as mHealth. Doctors, patients, healthcare administrators and even students in UGA’s New Media Institute are  paying attention […]

Walking Fast May Mean Longer Life for Elderly

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MONROE, Ga. – A recent study suggests that doctors can learn a great deal simply by timing how long it takes an older person to walk a set distance at a normal pace. In fact, they can gain some idea of how long that person will live. Researchers who analyzed walking speed and survival for […]

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