The Grady Journal is an online space for students in the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication to experiment with and learn about online journalism in the 21st century. Funded by the Cox Institute for Newspaper Management Studies and supported by the Department of Journalism, students from across the college are invited to participate.

Special projects from individual classes will be published here, though any student with a strong story will be welcome to post it. Text, photos, graphics or video – whatever format best tells the story, we’ll support it.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Mark E. Johnson at 706-542-5026 or drop by his office (230, Grady College) whenever the door is open. The staff meets at odd and intermittent times, send a note to Prof. Mark E. Johnson and he’ll let you know when and where the next one will be.

Stay tuned, this is going to be fun.