Social Media’s Effect on Communication

November 17, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

By Nicole Peterson Don’t get caught using a flip phone, CD player, or updating your MySpace around campus. In today’s society you are a part of the in-crowd as long as you have a smart phone and an account with a popular social networking site. The avenues to communication have expanded and the majority of […]

Wallstreet occupiers shut out privilege

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Without major attempts to rectify instances of racism, classism, and sexism, Occupy Wall Street will survive only as a raucous group of angry, white, professional, middle-class, men.

iPad vs. Playbook: Tablet Throwdown

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By: Samantha German Whether you want to slide through pictures, surf the web, or type a last minute email, the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook can do both. But, which one has more bang for its buck? Although the mastermind behind Apple, Steve Jobs, passed in October 2011, his legacy will continue through his many […]

The Town – Film Review

September 22, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Bank robbery has never appeared as abrasively gritty as it does in Ben Affleck’s second stab at director, ‘”The Town.” Affleck and Jeremy Renner star as blue-collar outlaws in Charlestown, Mass. – a town with an infamous title for most bank robbers in one square mile.  The gang assembled for each heist is highly skilled, […]

Flu vaccine success should spill over

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More kids and adults received the regular flu vaccine this flu season than last year, the CDC reported this week. Forty percent of the population rolled up their sleeves for a shot in the arm late in 2009 and early this year. During the previous flu season, only 33 percent of country was vaccinated. Twitter […]


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With the way children came in and out of my house, it’s no wonder I believed for the greater portion of my childhood that babies really did get dropped on doorsteps by storks. She came just like all the other kids. Instead of a long beaked bird, though, storks came in the form of frumpily […]

Shades of Gray

April 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

By Natalie Minik


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A man sitting in a Kroger parking lot finishes a letter to his wife. It reads: Dearest Martha, I regret to tell you I could not obtain the Lean Cuisine Chicken Marsala for which your heart yearns, as it is out of stock. I have secured a packet of Healthy Choice Chicken Marsala, instead. I […]

My Athens

January 11, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

As part of a semester-long photo project, Rachel Bailey looked at what she loved about Athens, her adopted hometown.

Canopy Studio: A Community Takes Flight

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Bright orange walls surround an open space draped with fabrics and ropes, the music soft and the atmosphere welcoming. In the center of the room a group of women twirl slowly upside down, with legs that seem impossibly strong entwined in the rigging of the trapeze. They move deliberately through the air, bodies symmetric, almost […]

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