iPad vs. Playbook: Tablet Throwdown

November 10, 2011 by  

By: Samantha German

Whether you want to slide through pictures, surf the web, or type a last minute email, the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook can do both. But, which one has more bang for its buck?

Although the mastermind behind Apple, Steve Jobs, passed in October 2011, his legacy will continue through his many technologically-advanced developments. Take the Apple iPad for instance; it is created with a Dual-core A5 chip — making anything you touch on the screen respond instantly — and a 10-hour battery life.  With great features such as these in a tiny handheld tablet, there is absolutely no need for a laptop.

The BlackBerry PlayBook and the iPad share similar features.  Equipped with a 7-inch multi-touch screen, 1 GHz dual core processor and a small size that allows the device to fit almost anywhere, it’s evident why these two items are in great competition.

Despite the many benefits both tablets carry, they also have their cons. For instance, the iPad’s battery is built-in. PlayBook users have complained that the device has fewer applications than the BlackBerry phone.

There are some obvious suppositions that the gadgets have minor flaws but it’s not stopping customers from buying the goods. After asking Collette Toney, a third year social studies education and history major from Snellville, about her iPad one can see just why everyone is going crazy about the new, nifty technology.

“It’s a lot lighter than carrying a Dell around campus,” Toney said. “I can take it everywhere, I just love it.”

The burden of determining which tablet is better is up to the user. Some people prefer the Apple product while others are committed to BlackBerry. Despite which brand you pledge your allegiance to, you are sure to love your tablet. These convenient handheld computers are taking the technological world by storm.

Have you gotten your hands on one yet?


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