Arts & Leisure Round-Up

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UGA’s Peabody Awards Issues 71st Annual Call for Entries, reads a PRNewswire headline. The deadline to submit original broadcasts, cablecasts and webcasts is January 13, 2012.

Writing on the Wall: ‘Innovative’ street art creates, destroys
The Red and Black profiles graffiti artists, including Toast, a local artist who is also a University of Georgia employee.

Blood drive competition pits University students against Tech donors, pint for pint
UGA’s Students for the American Red Cross co-hosts a blood-donating competition between UGA and Georgia Tech, The Red and Black reports.

Boyd lecturer speaks on importance of photography in conservation work
The Red and Black reports that National Geographic photographer Mattias Klum delivered the 2011 Boyd Lecture, titled “The Big Picture: Communicating Conservation in a Complex World.”

1 for 1 fundraiser aims to help hungry Athenians, an Athens Banner-Herald headline reads. Barnett Shoals Road Chick-fil-A owner Matt Kirby gives away one hot chicken sandwich for every sandwich bought at his store.

Campaign aims to improve UGA’s recycling rate
The Athens Banner-Herald reports that UGA students facilitated the UGA Recycling Awareness Day this week to boost the university community’s recycling participation.

Korean authors discuss publishing limitations overseas
UGA’s comparative literature department co-sponsored “Encounter 2011: A Bilingual Reading with Korean Authors” an event featuring two Korean authors reading excerpts from their short stories and answering questions, The Red and Black reports.

Arts & Leisure Roundup

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UGA Residence Halls Face off to Help the Environment

The University of Georgia’s Office of Sustainability and University Housing are teaming up to hose the 3rd annual Green Cup Challenge.  According to the Athens Patch, five residence halls will compete in diminishing their carbon footprint.

American students abroad pushed out of ‘bubbles’

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, students studying abroad often do not meet people outside of their own program, preferring to stay in their own ‘bubble’ of English-speakers instead. University student Lauren Hook resisted the bubble and explored on her own.

Art sale gets hot for ceramics student showcase

The University of Georgia’s Student Ceramic Organization will host its bi-annual pottery sale today. The proceeds will help fund the group’s trip to New York, according to the Red and Black.

Pride event a time to be seen

The University of Georgia’s Gay Lesbian or Bisexual Employees and Supporters teamed up with the Athens Pride Committee to form the first annual Athens Pride festival last weekend.  According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the weekend allowed people within the LGBT community to meet each other and helped to foster tolerance.

Candlelight Vigil Held for Troy Davis at The Arch

University students and Athens locals came together at The Arch to honor the memory of Tory Davis, who was convicted of the murder of police officer Mark MacPhail and executed last Wednesday. According to the Flagpole, members of the Athens community joined UGA students from Amnesty International in showing support for Davis’ family in a candlelight vigil.



Arts & Leisure Weekly News

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UGA Dorm Helps Save Money and Environment

Sustainability is the driving force behind many of the new expansions to the University of Georgia. Amongst these expansions, one in particular has shown consistent economic and environmental preservation, reports the Red & Black.

Free Movement through Parkour

Air and land are the main requirements to participate in a game of Parkour and many UGA enthusiasts of this sport find enjoyment in the freedom they find engaging in the activity, reports the Red & Black.

Record Store Closes in Downtown Athens

Schoolkids Records, on East Clayton Street, recently closed its door due to a downfall in record sales, reports The Macon Telegraph. The shift to digital technology isn’t only hurting the print journalism industry, it’s seemed to have caused damage to record stores as well.

Art Scholars Visit School to Connect with University Students

According to the Red & Black, students at the Lamar Dodd School of Art are now given the opportunity to connect with renowned artists during the Visiting Artist/Scholar Lecture series, reports the Red & Black. Inspiration from top designers power many of the creative designs of aspiring artists and many look forward to learn from this opportunity.

Want to Give Back to the Community? Here Are a Few Ways How

Online Athens has published a list of several companies, non-profit organizations and businesses that need help from the community. Donations, time, or simply a helping hand is what many would be thankful to receive.

Arts & Leisure Weekly News

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Art Legend Reveals Work at the Georgia Museum of Art

The Georgia Museum of Art will be showcasing their latest exhibit of the creative works from art legend, Lamar Dodd. Never-before-seen pieces of his artwork will be revealed to the public. Students, faculty and aspiring artists who have walked the halls of the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia will be pleased to see the 100 drawings, paintings and watercolors that will be on display.

Recent Study Shows an Increase in Narcissism Among College Students

“We’ve got lots of data on college students,” said Kevin Campbell, head of the University of Georgia’s psychology department and researcher who found college students to have an increased documented amount of American narcissism. Egos have inflated and research shows that young Americans like themselves perhaps a little too much.

Terry College of Business Students Inspire, Lead and Motivate 

Terry’s Leonard Leadership Scholar’s Program junior class has teamed with the Garnett Ridge Boys and Girls Club to provide assistance, development and service. Scholars in the program aid in creating an environmentally-friendly atmosphere for students at Garnett Ridge along with mentoring students through several initiatives including establishing a youth leadership program.

Principal Trumpeter of the Philadelphia Orchestra to Teach at University 

World-renowned trumpeter, David Bilger, is among one of several new faculty members to the University of Georgia as he will serve as a visiting professor for the Hugh Hodgson School of Music. He will spend the next two years continuing to play for the Philadelphia Orchestra while taking on the responsibilites as a visiting professor of trumpet — awarded to him through the William F. and Pamela P. Prokasy Professorship in the Arts.

Fall Concert Preview 

Athens is known for the tunes chiming from every corner and downtown venue in the classic city and with school now back in session, the tunes have returned and will be bouncing of the stages! Check out the line-up for some of the bands and performances that will be rocking away this fall. 

Three New Board Members Join the Peabody Awards Staff

The distinguished Peabody Awards of the University of Georgia and Grady College has added three new board members to aid in deliberating and deciding the “best of the best’ in electronic media productions. Eddie Garrett of Chicago, Marquita Pool-Eckert of New York and N. Bird Runningwater of Los Angeles are among the newest board members to aid in this selecting the recipients of the prestigious award. 

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