Election results for Boulevard

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Curious to see how the Boulevard neighborhood voted in the Dec. 2 runoff? 

The Dec. 2 runoff decided the race between Saxby Chamblis(R) and Jim Martin (D) for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat. The decisive race would tip the scales in the Senate, bringing the total number of Democrats to 60–just enough to stop a filibuster. 

We’ve broken it down the election results for you. The Boulevard neighborhood is located in districts 5C and 3B. The 5C district encompasses most of the neighborhood, but 3B incorporates Boulevard from Pulaski to Barber streets. 

Here are the results: 

On average, 26.69% of your neighbors voted in the runoff. 

  • In 5C, the number was slightly higher and 34.19% of your neighbors voted
  • In 3B, 19.20% voted 

Boulevard voted Democratic this time around, with over 60% of voters choosing Jim Martin over Saxby Chamblis

  • In 5C, 87% of your neighbors voted for Martin, while 3B voted 66% Democratic. 

These results are consistent with the 2008 presidential election, in which Boulevard voted almost overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.

Not Everyone Got Free Ice Cream on Election Day

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Heartfelt but Typical Antics in View’s Election Wrap-up

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The Presidential Election Through the Eyes of Small-Town Georgia

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There is no doubt that mass media outlets around the country have been flooding TV sets with up to the minute data since polling places first opened early yesterday morning. However, not all news sources handled the news the same. A look at six newspapers’ Web sites, which cater to Georgia cities with populations between 10,000 and 20,000, reveals that not every home page committed space to the new president-elect, Barack Obama.

In Glynn County, where McCain won 61 percent of the vote, The Brunswick News ran mostly AP coverage of Obama’s win, McCain’s concession speech and House and Senate coverage. Local articles were run on the Republican sweep in Glynn County and the reaction at the local Democratic party.

Bainbridge’s newspaper, The Post-Searchlight, did not keep up to the minute information on its Web site, but instead focused on the success of early voting in Decatur County. County Commissioner race outcomes were lead stories. The presidential race and outcome was never addressed.

Gordon County had similar sentiments. The Calhoun Times covered only Gordon County’s outcome of the presidential race with 75 percent for McCain, but never addressed the final outcome. Commissioners, judges, and sheriff elections were all given their own articles.

In Winder, barrowcountynews.com ran lead stories of Barrow’s newly elected officials, focusing on the new sheriff. Front page stories also include “Obama takes election” and “Obama makes history,” however these articles were heavily weighted with quotes from McCain’s concession speech and applauded his valiant run for office. McCain gained 72 percent of the vote in Barrow County.

The Union-Recorder, of Milledgeville, never mentioned the new president-elect, despite the 52 percent win by Obama in Baldwin County. The lead story was “Election of change didn’t stop at the top,” insinuating Obama’s win, but going on to only highlight the drastic change in the Board of Commissioners.

The Rockdale Citizen, in Conyers, also led with stories about the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education outcomes. The David Espo’s AP story of Obama’s win followed those two stories. Obama took the majority of votes in Rockdale County with 54 percent.

After reviewing newspapers across Georgia, it is clear that not every newspaper devoted their main headline to Obama’s win, some didn’t even mention it. In these small towns, whether Republicans or Democrats won, the newspapers were more interested in giving their readers front page stories about local elections and leaving the national election coverage to the AP for a page two story. Though this method of hyper-local coverage leaves readers searching for more answers to national outcomes, it still proves that that even on Election Day Georgia’s small-town citizens still care more about what is close to home.

SNL Pokes Fun at Candidates, but Their Motives are Serious

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Spanish-Speaking Press Focuses on US Election

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I’ve come to think of the United States’ as kind of like chicken pox: it only needs to touch a little bit of the surface in order to spread. This country’s chicken pox effect has never been so clear to me until this election — almost every international news source covered this election, whether it likes the United States or not. Spanish-language news outlets in particular needed to show adequate coverage, as the Latino population in and connected to the United States has been growing at a phenomenal rate — they had a true journalistic duty to interpret this election through a Latino lens for their readers. The Spanish-speaking press did an effective job of taking a United States issue and making it relevant for a population that may or may not live in the States. Read more

Review of “Indecision 2008” Election Coverage

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“An historic night,” indeed.

The kings of fake news, Stephen Colbert from “The Colbert Report” and Jon Stewart from “The Daily Show,” joined satirical forces on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET for an hour-long live election special.

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Blogs Show Differing Opinions on Election

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Internationally Elected: Foreign News Sources Praise Obama

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Facebook coverage of Presidential Election

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Within minutes of Barack Obama’s affirmation as the Presidential-Elect of the United States of America, status updates rapidly appeared on my Facebook Live Feed—an option that displays current stories of other Facebook users. The first to appear read, “Obama’s Kenyan family is slaughtering a bull.” Read more

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